Logistics Services

Dynevor Logistics - we provide a full range of logistics services to meet your transportation needs

Our full range of logistics services is sure to meet all of your transportation needs!

Shipping your product isn’t as simple as loading it onto a truck and having it driven to its destination – you’ve got to worry about not getting tangled at the border, making sure you’ve got the right insurance, and so much more. Let us put our logistics expertise to work for you to give you peace of mind that your products will arrive on time and on budget!

Full Service Logistics

Finding the right truck at the right time, figuring out the right insurance, making sure you’ve got all of the customs forms filled out correctly, and getting all of this done at an affordable price. Does this sound like something you have the time or patience for in your busy day?

This is exactly what our professional logistics team does each and every day for companies across Canada and the United States. Our customers rely on our expertise, our network, and our experience to take care of all of their transportation needs so that they can focus on running their businesses.

Is partnering with a full service logistics company to take care of all of the stress and anxiety of your shipping needs what you’re looking for? Give us a call, we’d love to see how we can help.

Customs & Brokerage Services

Our expertise isn’t in just shipping your product, but we also have decades of experience in coordinating customs and brokerage services. If you’re transporting your shipments across the border – either from Canada to the US or vice versa – we can help make sure you’ve got all the right paperwork to the right people so that your shipment crosses the border without delay.


Intermodal Transportation

As your one-stop product shipping shop, we’re not just trucks and roads. We have a deep network of transportation carriers that literally spans the globe, so if your product shipment needs cover land, air and sea, we’ve got your covered!

Fleet Management

Without any doubt, we understand fleet management. Our own fleet numbers hundreds of tractors and trailers of all different shapes and sizes, and managing a sizable fleet is no small task. If you’re looking for a logistics specialist company to help manage your fleet of vehicles, we can help. Give us a call and let’s talk about how.

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