Trucking Services

Let us take care of all of your trucking and shipping needs!

You’ve got a lot to take care of and you don’t need shipping headaches – you just want to get your product from where it is to where it needs to be with as little hassle as possible. With decades of experience and an unmatched level of logistics expertise, let Dynevor Express be your trusted transportation partner.

FTL and LTL Services

If you simply need to move your product from one place to another, we’ve got your covered. As an asset based company, we have our own fleet of hundreds of trucks and trailers and we’re also connected to an extensive network of other carriers. What does this mean to you? It means we’ve got every corner of the continent covered, so no matter what the origin or destination of your shipment or whether you need a full truckload (FTL) or less than truckload (LTL), we’ll get it there.

We also understand the importance of intangibles, so when you deal with Dynevor Express you’ll always get the best customer service. We’ll make sure that your shipments are delivered on time and at the quoted price so we can become your trusted trucking services partner!

Consolidation Services

If you’re shipping to retailers, we offer consolidation services to help save you money, giving you the benefit of full truckload pricing for less than truckload shipments. Simply ship your product to one of our distribution centers and we’ll combine your loads with those of other suppliers sending their products to the same retailers, making it more convenient for the retailer to receive shipments and saving you money!

Specialty Trucking Services

We’ll handle all of your regular shipments, but if you have special shipping or trucking needs we can handle that, too. You can trust us to handle everything including refrigerated trailers, transporting livestock, liftgate service, oversized loads and even dangerous goods – whatever you’re shipping we’ve got you covered and at a competitive price!

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